About me

As a developer and consultant based in Conway, Arkansas. I am constantly reading, writing, and experimenting with the latest in web technologies. When I am not doing that I am trying to find the perfect cup of coffee, looking for new hiking trails, or planning my next adventure. I have had the opportunity to wear many hats during my career. For example, I have done everything from client proposals and presentations to designing and developing intuitive user interfaces, building complex database schemas, and managing servers, to installing blades into a server rack, running data cables, and experimenting with the IoT.

I spent most of 2015 traveling and volunteering in Europe and South East Asia. I even got to spend some time in the French Foreign Legion (but it will take a few Kronenbourgs to get me to talk about it). Afterwards, I returned to the US and continued working as a freelance developer and consultant. I am currently interested in full time employment with a great team, collaboration on open source projects, and freelance opportunities. If you are looking for some help with your application or site, please get in touch.

Nathan Shumate